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Best of All I tried

As a lacrosse coach, this is the best app I have found for simply drawing up plays and saving the images so I can build quick playbooks. The only reason it is not a 5 is because each player can only have 1 route arrow from them and you can't draw a route starting at a field spot. This makes it hard to show the progression of how someone moves. Otherwise easy to use and most importantly: fast.

Move app logo.

I would give this app 5 stars if they just moved the big blob app logo that is right in the middle of the screen. They could easily move that into the corner and make a nice slick logo that is out of the way. That logo confuses the kids.

Great for intramurals at school

I play a lot of intramural sports and it's fun to design plays for all the sports during the seasons!

Needs work

The Womens lacrosse game plays with 11 field players and a goalie for a total of12.. That needs corrected... Also the option to make the circles bigger so names fit would be nice..

Cool app

I think it's cool but would be coller if the guys could move into the play

I like the app but could use work.

It is a nice app, very easy to function. Flag football feature would be nice though and if you had the ability to change the lines from solid to dotted but overall I like the app and recommend for coaches and players.

Great Product

For the price, this app is perfect. Very easy to use (my 5-year old draws up plays). Ability to change route line (for example... from solid to dotted line) in the middle of a route would be a nice feature, but not worth reducing the star rating. Great product!

Works great!

I'm using it mostly for practice drills so the cones are great. Had a moment of confusion but Support responded within hours and cleared everything up.

Awesome App!

Finally a great app for designing plays! Simple and clean-cut lines. I use it primarily for football plays, but pretty awesome that it also includes so many other sports!

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